Monday, 17 December 2018


On the 12th of December, our MINDCARE CONNECT Ambassadors came together for a workshop on Pyschosocial first Aid and Peer Supporting.
The workshop educated them on common psychiatric illnesses, basic counselling skills, and what to do in an emergency.
The vision of Mindcare Connect is to be a safe community for young adults to discuss openly and provide access to mental health and well being
the Mission of Mindcare Connect is to bridge the gap between young people seeking help and professionals  
This is important, as in educating people about mental health we must also provide solutions to mental health problems and create access easy to professionals.
It was a successful workshop.


MIND TRUST is 10 years! Can you believe that? You just blink and suddenly the years have flown by. 
We're grateful to our board of trustees, members, student volunteers, sponsors and everybody who has contributed in one way or another to ensure that daily we achieve our mission of spreading awareness on mental health.


Every year on October 10, the world celebrates its mental health day with the overall objective of raising awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilizing efforts in support of mental health.

Here at MIND TRUST, in celebration of world mental health day 2018, we organized a symposium themed "Young People and mental Health in a changing world". The symposium was attended by well over 200 secondary school and university students and a number of seasoned speakers and professionals spoke on the new trends of mental and psychological issues in the internet age and how they affect teenagers and young adults and possible solutions to problems encountered.

Some of the issues highlighted were Cyber bullying, Alcoholism, Drug Abuse e.t.c. The students were very active participants and asked a ton of questions.
A dance drama was was performed by footprints of David with the message- BE HAPPY

To round off the Symposium we launched a new initiative - MINDCARE CONNECT- with the aim of bringing together young adults to act as peer supporters for mental health and be a bridge between other young adults seeking mental health and professionals.

It was a successful event and we (Everybody in attendance) all left more knowledgeable than we came.